What is State Of Mind Counselling?


Some people come to counselling expecting to be given some advice about what they should do about their problem but actually it's a way of helping you to find your own inner expert, wisdom, and strengths in the company of someone who knows helpful ways of doing this and can walk beside you and keep you safe.


In State of Mind Counselling work the person is never the problem, so in the counselling space you will always be treated with respect and understanding, with no judgments. It's a very important part of counselling that you will always be in control of what happens in the session and will never be asked to do or say anything that you don’t want to say or do.


One or some of the issues you might like to see us about could be:


Worrying persistent thoughts or excessive anxiety

Sad or depressed feelings that you can’t seem to shake off

Grief and loss


Suffering from physical or emotional abuse from your partner, family or a friend

Feeling that if only you were a better person the abuse will stop

Relationship break-up, conflict or discontent


Grief and loss

Life Issues:

Having a sense of life not really supporting you

Looking at others and thinking everyone else’s life is better than yours

Having something about yourself or your life that you wish was not there and that makes you feel really bad about yourself

Feeling different or as though you don’t fit in

Workplace bullying

Dealing with disability

Thinking you may have something mentally wrong with you

Just feeling as though things aren’t quite right

Noticing that the issues you are experiencing are affecting how you cope with your work, relationships and life

Domestic Violence Counselling for Survivors

State of Mind Counselling provides specialist domestic violence counselling to Wellington Women's Refuge. If you are in an abusive relationship you can access support at 04 3851012 (office) or 04 473 6280 (24-hour support line) or 0800 REFUGE (733 843), 264 Cuba Street, Wellington.


Session Fees:

$100 per hour (enquire about case-by-case unwaged, low-resourced and student rates)

$120 per hour for couples or issues where two people need to attend 

Sessions longer than one hour need to be pre-booked

If you want to talk to a person first to see if it feels right for you, ring the number below

You can book by ringing or emailing below or filling in the form on the contacts page