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Growing Our Personal Resources to Meet Challenge (Rick Hansen)

One of the things from Californian neuropsychologist and therapist Rick Hansen’s work (check my links page for his TED talk on Hardwiring Happiness) that I find simple and useful is the idea of growing our personal resources to meet challenges. We can grow these in the world which usually takes considerable time and work, or in the body by keeping it healthy and being aware of our brain health. The area we have the most opportunity to grow our resources though is in our mind. Some things we can focus on growing are determination, patience, happiness, cheerfulness, and perspective. These can become some of the personal resources that will help us when life experiences overwhelm us.

Some capabilities that will contribute to developing our inner strengths include: gratitude and positive emotions, attitudes like tolerance and openness, meaningful interactions with others, being solution focused, and fostering our generosity and courage.

Sometimes we forget that we have opportunities every day to think and act from some of these perspectives and we get stuck in our same old ways.

What are you growing in yourself today?