Self Compassion

Sometimes the way we talk to ourselves can be overly critical and harsh. It's a good thing to be able to control behaviour that causes harm or has negative consequences for us but when we become too critical of ourselves we can create a relationship with ourselves that doesn't serve to support us or enable us to be happy. At its worst this kind of self-criticism can seriously affect our wellbeing and effectiveness in life. Creating a culture of self-compassion in our thoughts is beneficial work. Noticing how we are talking to ourselves, "Oh, I'm so stupid for doing that, I'll never amount to much, I don't look as good as that person, I'm just not a good person" etc. is the first important step to changing this critical internal monologue. Wondering about who's voice we are actually replaying can enable us to step away from it. Is that really my critical parent's voice, an abusive partner, a cruel teacher? It can be really helpful to begin to explore how we can relate to ourselves in a much kinder way and focus on the small ways in which we do really well in life. Give ourselves a break!