Therapist & Counsellor, Wellington

State of Mind Counselling is a talking therapy that helps you to get clarity in your mind about confusing or distressing events or feelings and gives you tools to help improve your experience of everyday life.


There are times in our lives when we need some extra emotional support. We may have been struggling bravely for a long time. Sometimes we simply feel too sad, hurt, stuck, angry and broken to sort through our own confusion. We might be isolated from others or fear our friends and family will be burdened by our troubles and don’t know where else to turn.


If you're looking to find a Wellington counsellor, State of Mind Counselling is a therapy that helps you clarify and identify the things that are going to help you understand your problems better, to live well and find ways of understanding how to maintain and be empowered to make positive decisions.


At State of Mind Counselling you are the expert on yourself and the role of your counsellor is to help you explore the issues you are dealing with in a safe, supportive space.