Who is State of Mind Counselling?

My name is Rachel Kiel-Taylor.  I have a counselling degree, a teaching certificate and diploma, and I am an experienced group facilitator of stopping violence programmes. I am a mother, sister, grandmother and wife.


I have worked for 20years with domestic violence survivors and perpetrators and in the last few years people recovering from sexual abuse trauma, those coping with the challenges of physical and mental disabilities, work-place and business problems, people experiencing grief, loss, anxiety, depression, illness and those with situational problems and concerns. 


I am experienced with using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Client Centred Practice and Mindfulness. I have my own supervisor and am a Member, Registered with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. 



Diploma of Education

Bachelor of Counselling

Facilitator Accreditation for Stopping Violence Programmes (Kapiti)


The Counselling Space

State of Mind Counselling takes place in a private, quiet and tranquil space, it has a contemplative view out onto trees and sky, at my counselling rooms in Island Bay. There are client toilet facilities, plenty of street parking and a bus route within 10minutes walking distance.

Client feedback:

"It's nice and private"

"I went down to the beach and reflected on things after the session"

"I like getting out of the noisy city. I can think more clearly"


Disabled Access

There are some steps (easy) so no wheelchair access.